About Tattling

Tattling was always frowned on in our family when I was a kid. Of course, that didn't stop us from ratting someone out if they were wearing shoes on the trampoline or sitting too close to the TV or performing some other heinous deed. But at least we knew tattling was bad.

These days I find myself so busy taking care of the new baby, it's actually kind of useful to have someone (Silas) tell me what the 3 year old is up to.

"Mom, Micah is drinking the bath water."

"Mom, Micah is playing with the toaster."

"Mom, Micah went in your room."

"Mom, Micah is jumping on the couch."

So I'm kind of torn. Secretly I appreciate the updates. But I don't want him to be a tattletale. Do I forbid tattling altogether? Do I differentiate between not wanting someone to get hurt and spitefully trying to get someone in trouble?

Silas feels strongly things ought to be a certain way. He feels disturbed when something isn't right. My mom says this is an oldest child trait. This is the child who, the day after we moved into a new apartment, climbed up on top of a giant pile of boxes and furniture to put his boots away neatly on the shoe shelf which was balanced on top of said pile. Just today I heard Silas refuse to let his cousin use the jar of the pretend blender as pitcher to pour pretend lemonade for her doll because it's "only for making smoothies".

P.S. After guiltily catching my eye he quickly handed the jar over to the dedicated young mother.

For the most part I don't think Silas is trying to get Micah in trouble.

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