Lunar Eclipse 2022-11-08 (Fairbanks, AK, US)

I woke a little before midnight and observed the lunar eclipse from the start of the partial phase, which was shortly after midnight (AKST) to the beginning of totality, which I observed to occur at about 1:15am AKST.

The experience was somewhat disappointing, due to overcast cloud cover across the whole sky. According to PAFA weather observations, it was broken and overcast cloud layers at 4300 and 5500 ft respectively. Thankfully it was not too thick, so that I was still able to see the progress of the eclipse. But I was not able to see much detail on the moon, nor any of the other stars in the sky, nor the color of the moon after reaching totality, even though I was carefully tracking the moon with my 60mm refractor. After reaching totality there was nothing to see in the sky but clouds, so I decided it wasn't worth it to stay up another 1.5 hours to observe the end of totality.

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