Winter Birch & Spruce Scenery 2013-03-15 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

There is a little recreational road near my work, which leads to the river. During my lunch break, I took a little walk and snapped a few photos of the scenery, particularly focusing on the birch trees. Well, to be honest, I'm rather new to the study of trees, so I wasn't really 100% certain what kind of trees those ones are. But at present the only trees I know anything about are paper birch, spruce, balsam poplar (cottonwood), alder, and aspen, and they didn't fit what I know about the other four, so I figured they must be birch. It was not convenient, due to the snow, to get a closer look at the bark and branches.

Here is first a scene with mainly spruce in the background, over what must be a little marsh:

Photo A

And here we focus on the birch trees:

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

I uploaded my best photos, but the others were not so photogenic, because of the messy disorganization of the trees, with a lot of birch, spruce, and (willow?) squeezed together, bent over, and badly tangled up. To me, that is a reminder of God's original intention that man would be "keeper of the garden" and ruler over nature. I could see how the scenery would be improved with some wise, artistic pruning and management.

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