Sunset Fail and City Lights 2023-03-20 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

This evening I went out to see if I could get a decent picture of the sunset. However, I had to come to grips with this rather significant problem, namely, that my whole view of the western sky is blocked by a tall ridge called the Chena Ridge. And Chena Ridge stretches northeast and southwest. I tried driving the whole loop of Chena Ridge road, which goes along the top of it, but I was unable to find a good (public parking) spot where I could see through the tall trees along the west side of the road.

Looking at the topo maps, I'm thinking it might be difficult to find a decent western view of the horizon, unless maybe I drive out to Nenana, or out along the Richardson a good distance.

There were, however, two or three spots that afforded a decent, or at least interesting, view of the city lights. There was convenient parking at one spot so, wanting to make the most of the trip, I took a few photos of that. This was the best image. I did a little bit of post-processing in GIMP to reduce noise, and to reduce resolution, but otherwise it is the original image:


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