Twilight and Sunrise 2023-04-28 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

I went out early enough this morning, around 4:45am AKDT, to do some twlight and sunrise photography. It was an adventure, because I still didn't have a clear idea of what would be the best vantage points. I had an idea, though, that the UAF skyline might look great in the purple twilight. So I found a few good spots in parking lots or along the side of the road.

Sunrise Exhibit A UAF skyline

Sunrise Exhibit B UAF skyline

Sunrise Exhibit C UAF skyline

Sunrise Exhibit D UAF skyline

For the rest of the photos, I went back to the location south of the airport, which I mentioned previously.

Sunrise across PAFA Exhibit E

Sunrise across PAFA Exhibit F

Sunrise across PAFA Exhibit G

Sunrise across PAFA Exhibit H

Sunrise across PAFA Exhibit I

Sunrise across PAFA Exhibit J

I did not do any post-processing of these images, though I experimented with a variety of modes in the S5300, including Sunset, Dawn, and Night modes.

The photographs do not do full justice to the vibrancy of the colors, or the majesty of the painted clouds. I am profoundly thankful for the health and opportunity this morning to enjoy the wonder of God's early-morning creation for about an hour. I have lately been trying to focus on the technical and scientific wonders of creation, but I have been equally impressed by the artistic beauty of it.

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