Twilight at the Airport (Fairbanks, AK, USA, 2023-08-15)

I realized today might be one of my last days to catch the sunrise this season, before sunrise starts overlapping with my shift schedule. After reviewing direction and timing, I decided to try the south side of the airport again. The skies were too murky to capture a sunrise proper, but I got a few nice twilight photos. Here is the early glow of the airport lights:

airport lights exhibit A

airport lights exhibit B

I happened to catch this Omni Air International jet coming in to park:

jet parking exhibit A

jet parking exhibit B

As I said, the murky clouds generally blocked the sunrise, but there was a great effect for about three minutes with fiery rays leaping out from a central mass of clouds:

sunrise exhibit A

sunrise exhibit B

As usual, the chief credit goes to the Creator, Maker of heaven and earth, who arranged this beautiful twilight and sunrise. I used my S5300 Nikon camera, mainly in "Dusk" mode. I did not do any post-processing of the photos, but I played around with the exposure levels on some of the shots to get a better effect.

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