Chena Hot Springs Photos (publ. 2023-08-22)

My family made a camping trip to Chena Hot Springs Resort this last weekend. We used my brother's trailer camper and rented a camping spot (20 USD per day). It went well, and despite rain and a fussy toddler, we had a enjoyable time for the most part. I took lots of family photos, of course, but am not sharing those here. I did, however, take some audio recordings of the water running under a bridge, the first one that goes over Montana Creek. I like water sounds and will share those here:

water sounds exhibit A (MP3)

water sounds exhibit A (OGG)

water sounds exhibit B (MP3)

water sounds exhibit B (OGG)

Here are some photos I took with the S5300. This is a creek photo with some over-exposure effect:

CHS photo A

Here are a few photos of the creek, from the bridge:

creek photo A

creek photo B

creek photo C

Here are some photos which I took around 6am on Sunday, with the camera in dawn/dusk mode. There was a lot of mist floating about.

CHS photo B

CHS photo C

CHS photo D

CHS photo E

CHS photo F

And here are some similar photos which I took later in the morning:

CHS photo G

CHS photo H

CHS photo I

CHS photo J

It seems like most of the trees around the resort area are spruce, unlike around Fairbanks where there is proportionally a lot more birch and cottonwood.

We stumbled across a blueberry patch. We didn't have a bucket, so we just ate as many as we could, before the kids got too bored. They were beautiful berries to look at, though unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of them. They were also the most delicious blueberries I ever remember eating. I'm thankful for the tasty treats like that, which God has placed in creation for our enjoyment.

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