Caterpillar (publ. 2023-08-28)

At least, it looks like a caterpillar. This green fellow (lady?) was crawling across our porch last Monday (Aug 21):

caterpillar photo A

caterpillar photo B

caterpillar photo C

caterpillar photo D

caterpillar photo E

At one point I put a stick close to him, and then he retracted his head inside his body and puffed out his fake head, and after that remained stiff and motionless in that position. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get a photo of that.

I captured these recordings as well. Warning, large file size (49MB and 120MB). I made a brief effort to convert them to some more compact format but was losing a lot of image quality in the process. The first video is kind of blurry, but it gives a better exhibition of the interesting "walking" motion.

caterpillar video A

caterpillar video B

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