More Fall Scenery (publ. 2023-09-18)

These photos are from last Wednesday (Sept 13). Here are some interesting catkins I observed:


catkins (low resolution)

catkins (thumbnail)

I found also an interest two patches of (moss? lichen?) growing side by side. This first one looks more like moss, due to the little leaves:

moss/lichen A

moss/lichen A (low resolution)

moss/lichen A (thumbnail)

These are maybe lichen?

moss/lichen B

moss/lichen B (low resolution)

moss/lichen B (thumbnail)

Caught some ducks on the pond, enjoying the increasingly scarce sunlight:

pond A

pond A (low resolution)

pond A (thumbnail)

pond B

pond B (low resolution)

pond B (thumbnail)

And here are various photos of the fall foilage:

scenery A

scenery A (low resolution)

scenery A (thumbnail)

scenery B

scenery B (low resolution)

scenery B (thumbnail)

scenery C

scenery C (low resolution)

scenery C (thumbnail)

scenery D

scenery D (low resolution)

scenery D (thumbnail)

scenery E

scenery E (low resolution)

scenery E (thumbnail)

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