Starting Gemlog Entries Faster Part 2 (publ. 2024-02-14)

For indexing the post quickly, I came up with this function:

Currently it does not figure out the title on its own. But that shouldn't be too hard, as in principle I just need to pull it from the first line of the post, after figuring out whether or not to scrub header markup. Anyway, I just have to define a convenience function for this particular gemlog:

One thing I am little nervous about is the use of find-file, as it does not necessarily do what I would want — throw a fatal error — under some exceptional cases. E.g., I found that if the file doesn't exist, then find-file will go ahead and create a non-writable empty buffer. But there are several convenient things about find-file, namely that (1) it opens the file in a buffer, or switches to that buffer, and (2) it can process Tramp compatible file names, so that the files can be files we are working with remotely through Tramp and SSH.

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