Banned from Antenna (publ. 2024-01-02)

I wrote a post yesterday regarding the war in the middle east and expressing support for the nation of Israel. I was surprised to discover this morning that my entire domain had been banned from Antenna. If I try to submit any feed, I get an error similar to this:


With there being so much hatred of Jews and of Israel, I expected some negative reactions. And any Antenna user is free to censor me from their own view of the Antenna feed. But I was surprised to be banned summarily from the entire system. In the past, there has been plenty of discussion about the Ukraine war on Antenna, from both sides, and also I have seen some discussion of this war. But apparently it is crossing-the-line to express a hard-line opinion that is in support of Israel.

I'm throwing out a call to other Antenna users to stand up for me. A few months ago, I remember a gemini user lamenting that they would like to hear more conservative voices in the gemiverse, to balance things out. Well, let's find out if that was a bunch of baloney or not.

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