Gateway Router Upgraded

I upgraded my home gateway from a TPE-R1100 to a GL-AR300M. This turned out to be fairly easy as the settings backup file was portable to the new hardware. That makes sense as it is basically just /etc config files in a tarball, and the two devices have equal interface counts.

One oddity is that, instead of replacing the old wireless interface settings with the new ones, it created two wireless interfaces, one being disabled. But that was a quick fix.

Another oddity, which I’ve experienced before when swapping out hardware running libreCMC, has to do with the DHCP. I got my ISP to swap my static IPv4 address (served by DHCP) to the MAC address of the new device. However, libreCMC udhcpc mysteriously clung to the non-static address it had when I first plugged it in. Even after rebooting everything multiple times, and enabling and disabling the interface, and even sending various signals to udhcpc, I kept getting the old IP. It seems like libreCMC is either storing and requesting the old address, or it is somehow requesting the DHCP server not to allow it to change addresses. I took a glance at the DHCP protocol extensions but it was a bit overwhelming. About 24 hours later, I toggled the interface again, and the proper address finally came up. I’d be curious if anybody could suggest a possible explanation for that delay.

Anyway, now everything seems to be working great, and I couldn’t find any serious problems in the logs. That extra 112MB of flash and extra CPU power should expand the possibilities for what I can do at my gateway.


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