v1.4.3a Source and NAND build

v1.4.3a Source Release


LibreCMC v1.4.3a was recently released. Notable changes since v1.4.2:

  • CVE-2017-15107 patch
  • Bump to linux-libre 4.4.120
  • Bump versions on openvpn, mbedtls, openssl
  • Added LuCi shell-in-a-box support
  • Tor package added to base
  • nfs-server support added to core

Source package


Build for GL-AR300M with NAND flash:



Build features

  • Uses OpenSSL instead of MbedTLS
  • Default and Material LuCi themes
  • ca-certificates
  • nano, vim, zile
  • 6in4
  • ip neigh
  • netcat
  • tcpdump
  • nmap-ssl
  • nping
  • wget

Additional modules


  • openvpn
  • luci-app-openvpn
  • opentracker
  • opentracker6

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