LibreCMC v1.4.4 NAND Build

A few interesting changes v1.4.3a -> v1.4.4

  • Partial TP Link Archer C7 V2 support (requires replacement Wi-Fi card). TP Link Archer C7 was a cool router that worked with Gargoyle and other OpenWRT-based firmwares, but later hardware revisions V2.2 and V3.0 were locked out against a firmware replacement, and it is very difficult to make sure you are ordering a V2.0 router and not one of the later revisions.
  • mbedtls bumped to patch sec vulnerabilities
  • ustream-ssl bumped to synchronize with upstream changes
  • GitHub support was removed from the source package downloader, and relevant files are now mirrored on libreCMC’s mirror. Basically, the recent Microsoft takeover tipped the scale that was already weighed down with numerous concerns about GitHub’s not-so-stellar software freedom record.
  • openssl package tweaks
  • bumpedopenvpn
  • bumped kernel to 4.4.138
  • A few other core package bumps

The source

SHA256: 9aba2c4142e1e1a9645b368bd9ece7710922a23f7490be1b99b7666254922d3e

Build for GL-AR300M (NAND)

SHA256: eefbea502b1a057f8eb03803b1e4c54dfd5db48bb08dba9663bfa3e5f2cc3e24

Build Features

  • Uses OpenSSL instead of MbedTLS
  • Default and Material LuCi themes
  • ca-certificates
  • nano, vim, zile
  • 6in4
  • ip neigh
  • netcat
  • tcpdump
  • nmap-ssl
  • nping
  • wget (full version)
  • OpenVPN
  • DarkStat
  • iftop
  • All my new TinyScheme packages!