Snipe-IT Asset Management

I want to promote a free software asset management system (marketed as Open Source). This is of interest to free software advocates who need an asset management system, and want to support a free software platform. Home page is:

homepageYou could download and install your own server, complete with source code. But if you are busy running a business, you will probably want to use the paid hosted service. Here is what your dashboard looks like, once you have some inventory:


I’ve pixel-ized out a lot of data, not wanting to get in trouble for revealing internal company data. But I use this every day for management of my enterprise sales inventory. Mainly I use it for tracking assets and consumables. Consumables are batches of stuff that get used up, but the individual items in the batch don’t need to be tracked (other than decrementing the batch count).

Consumable View

Assets are items that are tracked individually and have some unique asset tag assigned to each unit (e.g., serial no can be used). You create the model numbers separately, and then just assign the model no to each asset when you create the asset. Since the product image only needs to be assigned to the model no once, it is easy to visualize your asset inventory with product images:


By default, there isn’t a Status category for “sold” items (you could add one) — personally I just use the Deployed status to show it has been taken out of inventory. And if I need an inventory report, I just generate a report of “Ready to Deploy” items.

Not saying it is the perfectly ideal inventory system in every imaginable way, but it has been very useful to me for everyday practical inventory management, and it is also a free software project. I use it at my desk with a barcode scanner, and also we set up a tablet with another barcode scanner to use out in the warehouse. My experience with the hosted service has been very stable, and I’ve received good support from the company behind it.


1 thought on “Snipe-IT Asset Management”

  1. Is very practical indeed, I just wish for a computer tracking plugin to populate the inventory over the network.


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