Patched Marble Packages for Debian Stretch

The Marble program in Debian stretch has a problem: the API for the interface to Open Street Map search changed, but the Debian version of Marble has not been updated, so the search functionality is broken. I reported this bug in Debian package bug 903491. One individual submitted a patch to the bug report. I downloaded the deb source for this package, added that patch into the deb, and rebuilt the package. For those who do not want to wait for the official fix, the patched marble debs are available here:

( mysteriously does not allow ftp links to be rendered, so you must copy and paste that into you Web browser address bar or your ftp client.)

You’ll need to download all the files that end in “deb”, except the ones with the word “dbgsym” or “dev” which are not required. Then run the command

dpkg -i <packages>

where <packages> is a list of all those package file names exactly, separated by spaces. dpkg -i *.deb might work for you.

When I ran the command, the marble-maps deb did not install, because of a missing dependency. But since the marble-maps package was already installed from the original installation, this did not matter. I started the program, and was able to do searches as normal.

screenshot from 2019-01-07 20-09-03The reason this is important to me is it allows me to do map searches without having to use Web browser application code that I do not trust. (I think though, to submit OSM contributions, you would still need to use the Web browser application.) Also Marble has some nice features like the various map sources that are available.



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