Beautiful Complex Number Traces

I got a lot of work done on the bookkeeping, but I couldn’t go to bed without playing with the complex number plots some more. I found an a way to produce some attractive plots. First, I needed this additional function, to make experimentation easier:

(define (complexplot f m n)
    (map (lambda (n)
           (complex2vec (f n)))
         (range m n)))))

The idea I came across was taking the standard unit circle rotation, and multiplying that by samples of the cosine wave:

screenshot from 2019-01-24 23-31-35


If I change the “sampling rate” to various fractions of Pi, I get other interesting geometry. Here is Pi/4:

Screenshot from 2019-01-24 23-32-22.pngAnd Pi/7:

screenshot from 2019-01-24 23-32-12


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