Complex Numbers in Emacs Calc Tutorial Video (Part I)

After learning the basics of how to use complex numbers, I find myself suddenly more interested in buttons on scientific calculators, and the built-in functions of calculator and programming software. Something which I thought might be of interest to my small (but distinguished!) audience would be a tutorial on using complex numbers in the Gnu/Emacs Calc program.

Please forgive the quiet audio — you’ll need to turn up the volume a lot. I’m dealing with a not-ideal microphone set-up at the moment, but I hope to have access to a better microphone set-up next week.

I have been advised by well-meaning relatives that, by continuing to upload boring tutorials and technical articles, it is likely that my readership will never expand beyond two dozen people. There is hope, they say, if I were instead to upload cute bunny rabbit photos. Consequently, I am going to start the practice of randomly attaching bunny photos taken from my mother’s Web site about rabbit farming.

I am hoping that, since we are related, my Mom will overlook this blatant act of copyright violation. This image is reproduced for scholarship purposes only under the “fair use” doctrine.


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