HackRF Stream: Update 6

I’m referring to the project as HackRF Stream rather than HackRF Racket Bindings because one could have any programming language tie into the stream interface.

It proved that having the data for all RX streams come through one pipe, and having the notifications go to the control stream, created too many complications. So I re-did the startrx and stoprx code to shunt each RX stream to a separate fifo pipe. Before each chunk of RX data sent to the pipe, I send a newline terminated string to the pipe, which indicates the amount of bytes following.

I needed a hashmap (a.k.a., associate array) to keep track of the streams internally. So, I added glib as a dependency, which has the well documented g_hash_table functions.

git clone git://git.librehacker.com/pub/git/hackrf-rkt.git


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