Amateur Log KL1TL 20200506

Stationed my GMC at Hagelbarger Lookout, Fairbanks, at about 7:45pm AKDT, tuned to 3920 kHz, with the multiband antenna. Received local communications from WL7CW, KL4QZ, and KL4VN, who indicated good copy. Then was able to listen in to the Alaska Bushnet. It sounded like, as near as I could tell from all the rapid communication and people communicating over each, that I was hearing pretty nearly everybody who was checking in, at various levels of volume and signal clarity. I’m not sure of the furthest locations I was hearing, because it was hard to keep track of who was naming their location and who was naming a relayed location. But I got a strong signal from someone in Talkeetna, and somebody in Clam Gulch, which is on the Kenai Peninsula. And I could hear the net controller (WL7CXJ?) though his station sounded weak.

It seemed that the net controller could not hear me, but somebody relayed me in.

Eielson Ionosonde from 8pm and 8:15pm AKDT:


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