Amateur Radio Log 2020-06-27

Callsign KL1TL. I parked for mobile-stationary operation at Hagelbarger lookout, Fairbanks, AK, around 3 or 3:30pm AKDT. Transmitting 100W with a Hustler multi-band antenna mounted on my GMC. Today was some kind of field day event, so there was lots of activity on multiple bands, but I only made one actual contact myself.

Contact: 4:10pm AKDT. 3920 Khz. KL7QZ (John). Transmitting from Summit Lake for Field Day. I suppose he must have meant Mat-Su Region’s Summit Lake State Recreation Site. That would be a few hundred miles away. His signal was coming in very quiet to my station, but I could read him. He mentioned static on his end.

I couldn’t hear much activity on 80 meter, but there was a moderate amount on 40 meter, and a lot of traffic on 20 meter, though much of it weak and difficult to follow. I also remember trying to copy some slow CW signals coming in on 30 meter.

Here is an interesting Eielson Ionosonde report for 4pm AKDT:


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