Dropped atom feeds for gemfeeds

For my gemlog, I got ride of the atom feed, realizing that it was much easier to maintain a gemfeed. To subscribed to the gemfeed in Lagrange, go to one of the following URLS, right click, and select Subscribe to Page.



The first link above for the Technical gemlog, the other is for a feed of URLs I find interesting, similar to what I have been doing with my gnusocial feed.


Going all in… for Gemini space

Screenshot of first gemlog post

This blog is in the process of being relocated to Gemini space, and will become a “gemlog”. I made my first gemlog post yesterday, and the list of posts are available here:


I have created an Atom feed for the gemlog, which is available here:


In the Lagrange client at least, you can navigate to that URL, right click, and select “Subscribe to this page” to add it to your feed list. I’m not quite sure how many other clients interact with Atom feeds. I was possible going to look into setting up a “gemfeed”, which is a sort of convention for making a feed out of a gemtext page, but since I already made the Atom feed i’m not sure if that is worth the trouble.

As mentioned previous, you need some kind of Gemini browser. There are many to choose from, but Lagrange is available here:


I have not yet figured out how I am going to handle e-mail subscriptions, but I hope to look into that soon.