Amateur Radio Logbook 20200206

While I’m not sure if this will drive up my follower count, I want to start keeping an online log of data from amateur radio experiments, such as propagations tests. The idea is to make the data available to anybody who would find it useful, rather than just stored in my memory.

On KL7KC net meeting tonight, we did a secondary portion on “Farmer’s Loop” repeater, 146.300 +0.6 103.5 tone. My location is Glasgow drive, West of Fairbanks, AK, and the repeater is near Constitution drive north of Fairbanks. That is a distance of approximately five miles. Net control reported that my signal was strong and clear when I was transmitting on 75 W, 25 W, and 10 W power. I’m using a 5/8 whip mag antenna mounted on top of my GMC.