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Welcome to my Gemini capsule. If you are viewing this capsule through my Web portal, I recommend that instead you install a Gemini client and point it to the address "gemini://".

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Christopher Howard

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

About Me


Star Log (my primary gemlog)

Your Word ( דְבָרֶךָ )

Small Steps (Emily's Gemlog)

Fractal Images

Fractal Images

Other Capsule Pages

Local reviews (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Javascript, the Web Browser, and Computing Freedom

Software I Don't Use

Programming Projects on Codeberg

My repositories

Organizations I Support

The Free Software Foundation

The Institute for Creation Research

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

Preferred/Promoted Operating System

GNU Guix

Logging Policy

I have disabled IP address logging on this server. Only a generic record of each page request is kept so I can know how much traffic I am getting.

Contact Information

My e-mail address:

christopher .AT. librehacker .DOT. com

Libera IRC


I usually can be found logged in to #forth.

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