Your Word ( דְבָרֶךָ )

Studies and devotional thoughts drawn from the original languages of Scripture

I am an aspiring student of the Biblical languages. Here, I seek to share insights drawn from the wealth of Scripture, gleaned from those studies. For now, posts will focus mainly on the Old Testament scriptures, as I am focused on learning Biblical Hebrew. May the Word of God today be a lamp to your feet, and a light on your path.


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Displaying Hebrew in Gemini Clients

All Hebrew text in this gemlog should be UTF-8 encoded, which is supported by all Gemini clients according to the protocol standard. However, various clients do a better or worse job of displaying Hebrew, depending mainly on what font is being used, and the system used for displaying the font. Some fonts do not display the Hebrew characters at all, or sometimes the program will display them from left to right rather than the correct right to left.

If this proves to be an issue for you, one solution might be to choose a client which allows you to choose any font, and then install and select the Noto font system.

Google Noto Fonts

Hebrew Pronunciation

By popular request, I have been trying to include English transliterations of the Hebrew words, at least for single-word references in the main body of the post. In some of my earlier posts, I used a modified version of Mansoor's transliteration system. Starting in August 2023, I have begun using the transliterations given in BHRG §4.1 and §5.1.


2024-06-14 Isaiah 28:5-6: A Beautiful Crown and a Glorious Diadem

2024-04-01 Isaiah 25:9: Let Us Rejoice

2024-02-21 Isaiah 22:11: You Did Not Depend On Him

2024-02-03 Isaiah 13:11: Evil and Iniquity

2024-01-14 Isaiah 14:10-11: Maggots and Worms

2024-01-02 Banned from Antenna

2024-01-01 Standing With Israel

2023-12-19 Isaiah 13:10: The Heavens are Dark

2023-12-16 Update

2023-08-23 Men Should Not Wear Dresses

2023-08-06 Isaiah 1:1-3: Israel's Rebellion Against ʏʜᴡʜ

2023-07-05 Genesis 9:1-7: God's Blessing on Noah's Family

2023-05-17 Noah Sacrifices to ʏʜᴡʜ (Genesis 8:20-21)

2023-04-23 Genesis 8:14-19: Stepping Out of the Ark

2023-01-21 Psalm 19:12-14: In Your Presence

2022-12-17 Psalm 19:10-11: Better than Gold

2022-12-10 Psalm 19:9: Enduring Truth

2022-11-30 Psalm 19:8: Instructions and Commandments

2022-11-25 Psalm 19:7: Law and Testimony

2022-10-16 Psalm 19:1-6: The Heavens Make Known His Glory

2022-08-30 Star Log 2022-08-30 3:00 AKDT (Fairbanks, AK, US)

2022-07-07 Genesis 3:7-9: Where Are You?

2022-05-20 Genesis 3:1: The Cunning Snake

2022-05-03 Genesis 2:18-24: Notes on the Creation of Woman

2022-03-31 Genesis 2:4-15: God's Original Plan for Mankind

2022-01-07 Genesis 1:14-18: The Purpose of the Lights of Heaven

2021-12-04 The Craftsman's Delight

2021-10-15 Genesis 1:1: Heaven or Heavens?

2021-10-10 To Create (ברא)

2021-09-29 The Raven and the Dove

2021-09-09 God Remembered Noah

2021-08-01 Jacob Could Not Believe Them

2021-07-09 Joseph Cannot Restrain Himself


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