Antenna Censorship (publ. 2024-01-03)

Two days ago I wrote a gemlog post regarding the war in the Middle East, meant to be strongly supportive of Israel and Jews against the terrorist organization Hamas (and those who support them). Here is the original post:

Standing With Israel

The next morning, I found that my entire domain had been summarily banned from Antenna. Here are the details:

Banned from Antenna

I am making this post because I want to get the word out that I am being censored, evidently for my political and religious views, though no explanation was ever provided. I figured out that I might be able to do one more broadcast to Antenna, because only the subdomain has been blocked, not the main domain. Likely that will be banned as well, but perhaps a few people will read this first.

If you are conservative-leaning yourself, or if you want to believe that the posts you are seeing on Antenna roughly represent the broad spectrum of perspectives and opinions out there in the Gemiverse, then you should be troubled by this censorship. If so, I challenge you to speak out on my behalf and to get the ban removed.

If it doesn't bother you — fine — but be aware that the feed list you are seeing is really just a curated representation of opinions that are comfortable for the site administrator.

Proxied content from gemini://

Gemini request details:

Original URL
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Be advised that no attempt was made to verify the remote SSL certificate.